Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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I warned you. I am dangerous.

I warned you.

I consciously connect in your mind the orgasm and pleasure of paying Me. I offer it as a warning.

you will get addicted
you think it can’t happen to you
but it can.

Then there is shame, due to the embarassment you feel for spending so much on Me, even though I warned you. Because you are a submissive loser, you will probably get aroused by your shame. This will further trap you into My paypig cycle. I warned you.

you will return to tell Me you’re not doing this again. But you do, usually starting within moments of telling Me you are done.

The next orgasm is more intense. The money spent is more…

The cycle is developing. Addiction is beginning.  I warned you.

I will have no mercy

I am dangerous, and I am warning you.

Let’s talk about the warning.
It has many layers

It attracts submissive men who are attracted to powerful dangerous women.

It warns off some men who would probably be a waste of My time anyway. (I wish this were foolproof, alas it is not)

It gives Me cover to blame your addiction on yourself later, “I warned you” Ironically, it will contribute to the SHAME that aids Me in addicting you. Victim blaming is so fun for a sadist. It makes a great gaslighting tool.  I warned you.

This is your fault that you’re addicted. you couldn’t stop jerking off, and now all this gooning is making your credit card balances climb.

This shame is sending you right back to your Niteflirt account to add MORE cash for Lauren.

The warning does something else, for Me. It lets Me off the hook. I can keep abusing you because it’s YOUR FAULT. I can keep raping your wallet because YOU ASKED FOR IT. I can keep fucking you over because it’s not MY fault you have no ability to stop wanking your loser cock.

You deserve what’s coming.

I may as well have a little fun with it!

I deserve it.  I warned you.

New PTVs

Schedule Changes:  I have edited the schedule, (see right sidebar) and I am experimenting with less time logged into Niteflirt and more time doing things like shooting and editing videos/photos, making recordings, writing blog entries, updating webpages, etc.   I used to be able to do more of that stuff while logged in and available, but the Niteflirt Chat option is making that more difficult, with simply too many interruptions.

I MAY be available earlier in the day, you can always look to see if I am logged on, but I think it’s better to offer fewer hours you can count on.

Now it’s time for the



Legendary Paypig Alert!

I added it up twice to be sure. In the middle of this spending spree, he tried to quit Me. I don’t think it lasted a week.  He has slowed down from the frenzied pace the first week of October, but the number is very impressive.  My good boy sunshine spent $7281 (If I am getting everything on Amazon counted, it gets confusing sometimes). Most of that in spending, not gifts!   What a very good boy, and I’m glad he’s back. I don’t expect as many “legendary” mentions from him, but they will not surprise Me!

Paypig Alert!  The next mention goes to boomer!  This slave has been very busy and he is sliding deeper into the paypig cycle.  This time around he spent $362

Hitting the $10K lifetime spending level this time around was steve q fucked. It took a single $222 session to pop him over that threshold.  I cannot wait until the next milestone!

The discovery that helpless dennis can’t cum until he hears My voice has ended up being pretty profitable for Me. A few shortish phone calls and pay to views added up to $268, a good return for My little time!

Huge Paypig Alert!  As her relationship has disintegrated with her soon to be ex-girlfriend (we’ve nicknamed cow), princess gigi has been able to spend more time with Me again. This sissy hasn’t had an orgasm in MONTHS and she didn’t think her limp clitty was working at all because it wouldn’t respond to cow.  It only took one phone call to prove to her that it DID work, but only if I gave it permission to work, and she had her first sissy orgasm in I don’t even know how long, followed by a repeat a few days later.  Now, I’m not gonna let gigi cum willy nilly all the time, but I did want to show her that it was broken for her drama girlfriend and to end it with that cow. I guess cow is moving out this weekend, about time!  Miss gigi spent $740 on her Goddess!

My elegant foot lover squeezed in a mention with $120 session. I think I need more sessions with him!

Paypig Alert!  A slave I call PB on the is getting his first paypig alert!  A few raise the rate calls is responsible for his mention! He spent $331.  YUM

I have a prediction!  My nylon slave told Me he was quitting Me.  This time around he spent  $270.  I bet I hear from him because I have NEW pantyhose photos. There is no quitting Lauren.

Huge Paypig Alert!  PIG can’t stop. His addiction is getting worse. Stroking his pigstick delivers the addictive neurochemical dopamine to his brain and he needs daily fixes.  This time around he spent $885. I can’t wait to see how bad it gets!

New to My blog, but not to Me is “Lauren’s footstool”. We had a great session of raise the rate phone calls and he spent $190 in just a few minutes. Yum!

Paypig Alert!  Making a very nice mention this time around is gutter dweller! He surprised Me when I totaled up that he had spent $365 mostly on click and pay when I wasn’t around!  Well done!

My good boy who loves stolen moments managed a mention with a couple of phone calls totaling $110. I expect to hear from him soon, he’s been traveling a lot on business lately, and I noticed some business news that I think probably is keeping him away more. When he makes it back to the States, I know I will hear from him.  I’m always the first person he calls when he lands.

Squeaking in for a mention is cl (clearly loser) who spent $100 exactly since last blog entry!

Spending $206 this cycle was dirtbag! It was so nice to see him clicking and paying!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Addicted and tortured, paybitch terry was back to worship Me with his cash. This time around was $682.  YUM

My boy wayne spent $165 mostly on chat and tributes.  He is a sucker for My big thick ass!

sissy caged yankee has found Me online more recently and I extracted $173 from her

And for the first blog mention in quite a while, is mind-controlled john, who spent $235. He’s creeping onto the 10K lifetime spending level!

Paypig Alert!  Losing himself in Me again was egghead, this time around spending $427. Stroke, Obey, Surrender, Add more to the Account, Repeat!

Back to spend $145 was click puppet.  Another session or two and he will hit the $2K level of spending!

Back with a beautiful session that included a $100 tribute was cucky phil, the ass lover. He tried to quit and failed. Again. Like so many before him, and many more to cum.  He spent $250 on his reunion with Me!

New Slave!  Paypig Alert! Losing himself in My click and pay series was a slave I’m calling “click addict”  I don’t think I can take credit for his click addiction, but I sure don’t mind it! He spent $318 on his debut!

Slave peeper was back, and this loser clicked and paid his way through $190. Nice!

and sissy marla, who I miss sessioning stopped by for a quickie of $143.  I miss those 4-digit sessions though! Save your money good girl!

Good girl miss piggy spent $190 on click and pay! Very good

Huge Paypig Alert!

My no nonsense guy can tell you all about My abuse and being addicted to Me, and not heeding My warnings. He tried to stay away and was doing pretty well until last week when he got weak and spent $711 on Me! Nice!

Good girl titzombie squeezed in a mention with $120. Nice!

Paypig Alert! Dr x, who is still licking his wound from a major session last month, well into 4 digits, still managed to spend $486 between Niteflirt and Amazon.  Good boy!



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