Financial Domination and Hypnotic Seduction
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There is a Thin Line Between Love and Abuse

Love and Abuse are the Almost the Same for a Paypig and a FinDomme

I dance along that line all the time. I am an expert at getting into men’s heads. I know how to shape his mind, toy with his emotions and turn him on, so that he not only becomes addicted but also enamored with Me!

I WANT My paypigs to fall in love with Me, because that makes them oh so much easier to manipulate to do what I want. It makes them want to please Me. (And the best way to please Me is with your money!)

I’ve mentioned before how I will vacillate between being sweet and being mean. Or I will be mean in a kind way The blend is absoluately deadly!  If a Domme is a total bitch, it is harder to capture the pig’s emotions. If they are too nice, then obedience falls by the wayside.  But mixing it up?  Stunningly effective.

So open your heart to Lauren! Tell Me your secrets. I will make you feel special. And I will make you feel unworthy of being special,so you will try oh so much harder!

I’ll take more. I’ll tell you I’m proud of you in one breath and tell you that losers like you need to pay for My attention. It will be confusing because I will make your cock hard. It will be heartbreaking as you watch the balance on your credit cards rise.

But at every word from Me, on hearing My voice, seeing My photos, from our texts and emails, you are defenseless.

Do not resist, let your heart open.  Then your wallet will follow.

And understand this. The way I show you love is to abuse you.


It’s time to please Me, time to pay. These are recent pay to views. Or of course you can email Me or call Me.
So many ways to love you with abuse!

That’s what pigs are. Losers to love with abuse!

I want you hungry to please Me, needing to pay.

Ripe for abuse.  Here for the pig harvest!


After My last powerful blog entry, many pigs came forward for abuse. And I did not disappoint!

The Fuckover Report!

Paypig Alert!  Starting the fuckover parade is boomer, who just missed a Huge alert.  This boy couldn’t stop clicking and paying and calling. He is smitten and I LOVE it. He pretty much just self abuses while I look on in approval! He spent $452

My good nylon slave is smitten, he keeps coming back, and I keep luring him in again and again. He spent $215 this time.

My good boy who loves our stolen moments together called several times, spending $152.  He’s launched more devious plans to make money for Me!

Paypig Alert!  Also getting an alert was helpless dennis. I’ve been pushing him more lately, I have him conditioned so he can only cum from calling and paying for tit photos. I’ve gradually made it cost more and this time he paid $318.

My special niteflirt client keeps trying to leave and keeps returning. He spent $242 today

Paypig Alert! Back after a hiatus was mister ed, and he managed to get himself a paypig alert, squeezing in with $305.  Nice!

My hosiery slut is gradually becoming more and more conditioned. He spent $201 since the last report!

Huge Paypig Alert!  Squeezing in for a Huge Alert, spending a few pennies over $500 was paydrone!  This drone comes and goes, (and cums and goes) and I know he will be back again, as he gets yet weaker and weaker for Me!

My boi wayne can’t help himself, he just keeps returning for more photos of My thick phat ass! This boi spend $246 since last time

Huge Paypig Alert!  Attention!  Princess gigi has a new name. She is now buffy.  This is because  on the estrogen hormones, she has an ass that is fluffy,  nipples that are puffy, and she’s now a sissy with the rhymed name buffy.  And a lifeless clit that never gets stiff. The new name is fitting, and buffy spent $886 since the last post!

Good boy irish dope earned a mention with $178.  I look forward to him earning the next one!

Back and going crazy over My new set with black leggings was “more please”  This is is catch line for Me, and when he sends me those two words, I know to exploit him with My leggings!  he spent $183.

Extreme Paypig Alert!  PIG’s addiction is finally coming to fruition for Me. He chats, tributes and calls Me almost every day, and it adds up!  He spent $1,028 since the last time.  This PIG is enamored!

Back again to fall under My powerful spell was j the junkie.  He loves just tributing Me in chat as I make his mind go black with My powerfully sexy images!  He spent $138

Paypig Alert!  My good boy titpay ATM did a really kick ass session with Me and spent $400, emptying his account as I punched in My PIN again and again. Withdrawing all the cash from My ATM!

Paypig Alert!  Finally getting another paypig alert was knickers.  He went into click and pay mode and spent $362, probably before he know what happened!

A special mention to a special pig, paybitch terry. He’s taking a break for his mental health. I want him to know he can come back anytime. I gave him permission to leave indefinitely,  and I have a feeling he’s reading. Nothing would please Me more than to see him return once he has straightened out his life a bit.  He spent $245.

New Slave Alert!  New to Me is traveller, who quietly clicked and paid $175.  Nice! He can travel My way with his wallet anytime!

Returning to spend $170 on pay to views was peeper!  He did it gradually over a few weeks, and I didn’t realize it was adding up like this.  I bet he didn’t either!

Legendary Pig Section: On Display

I had three legendary pigs since the last report! Unprecedented! Most of the time, any of them would the the top spending

My last blog post inspired so many legendary pigs! They are all special, all helpless and all I abuse with relish

Dr X has been itching for another huge session.  We had a long glorious night, him spending on Me until his credit card got declined.  On Niteflirt he spent $3825 and on Amazon $1,711 in gifts that included gift cards, a mini-fridge, wireless earbuds, body lotion, flatware, and other kitchen stuff, some jewelry, and some gym equipment for the home gym. The total was $5536.   I love being able to go to him if I need something bought on Amazon 🙂  We have a long history of occasional HUGE sessions. I cherish them.

Also worthy of Legendary Mention is noddy! It’s been a while since I did a proper cashrape with him, but we got a couple good sessions in and it totaled $2207 and he hit the 40K lifetime level of spending!  MOST posts he would be the biggest spender.  I guess he has to try harder next time.

My good girl bambi and I spent HOURS together the past month, well into the wee hours, and we played games and I sent her secret codes and hypnotic triggers and she will be shocked to discover that she spent $5779 on Me since the last report! I was even surprised it added up to that much.  Oh My!  She just barely nudged out dr x for the biggest spender this time.

The total for these three pigs was $13,522!

I dont always do this, but since the last blog entry on August 24th, all you pigs have spent $19,920.  Almost 20K.

83 different clients spent on Me.  (22 earned mentions)

I wonder what the next fuckover report will bring?


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1 Severin { 09.17.20 at 4:17 pm }

Is it only me, or have your updates been more addictive lately? I cant’t deny that my cock is getting hard when I see an email from you in my regular epost.

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